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Do you have a Hollanpass and do you want to book for Splashtours? Follow these steps to make a booking!


  • With the Hollandpass you will receive 10% discount.
  • Not valid in combination with other discounts or arrangements.
  • The tickets are only valid for the day and time you bought them.
  • Use the discount code of Hollandpass when you book.
  • It is necessairy to make a booking in advance.
  • You have to show the Hollandpass on board for the discount.

1. Go to the online booking system.
2. Choose the date and time of the tour.
3. Per ticket you can make one booking. You should make a reservation for every person apart!
4. Choose 1 adult or 1 child, fill in your details and click on ‘make a booking’.
5. Choose your payment method and fill in the discount code at ‘discount code or gift code’.
6. Confirm your reservation. You will receive the confirmation of your booking by e-mail.

NOTE: You can find the unique code on the ticket. If you want to book for more than one person, please make a reservation for each person and use the same reservation name.