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Group outing

Looking for a nice group outing in Rotterdam?

Are you organizing a group outing in Rotterdam for colleagues, family, friends or staff? Splashtours is the right location! Splashtours likes to think and organize with the organization of the perfect group outing. The Splashtour is easy to expand with numerous packages. Step into the restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan for lunch, dinner, drinks or just a cup of coffee with cake. De Zwarte Zwaan is located next to the boarding point of Splashtours at Parkhaven. The prices below do not include the price for the Splashtour. 



Take a seat at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan for a delicious 3-course menu. Choose from various starters, main courses and desserts and enjoy the beautiful view of the Maas together. That is relaxed dining! Hospitality and conviviality are central at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan. The kitchen is fair and accessible. We choose quality and cooking with the heart. You can taste it. For € 15 extra per adult you can make unlimited use of the drinks (Dutch bar) for 2 hours.

€ 29,50 per person



Drinks at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan are always fun. The atmosphere and the view over the Maas provide a relaxed feeling. There is room to hang, sit, peer and talk. The snacks are good and made with care. The service is ready and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. The glasses are full and the drink flows freely. De Zwarte Zwaan is the place to toast to a good week, a successful company outing, a productive meeting or to network. The drink arrangement is possible for groups from 15 people and includes unlimited drinks for 1 hour (Dutch bar) and hot and cold snacks. An extra hour of drink redemption is € 6,50 per person. 

€ 16,0 per person



Before or after the Splashtour, join your group in restaurant De Zwarte Zwan for a delicious lunch. The lunch consists of unlimited coffee and tea, milk and one glass of orange juice. A buffet with fresh soup, hard and soft sandwiches and a currant bun that can be topped with assorted savory fillings, sweet fillings, a croquette and butter. The lunch ends with a fruit bowl.

€ 14,50 per person


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