Exclusive rental


Per tour

Weekday €1.045,- Weekend €1.129,-

The prices are inclisive of VAT and a guide

Beside our regular tours and combinations, Splashtours offers plenty of possibilities for groups like an exclusive rental. Use our bus for an excursion or a unique way of transporting your guests. Splashtours can also be a part of a completely organised day with your company. Whether you are planning a marriage, family day, business trip or bachelorparty, Splashtours likes to find the perfect solution with you.

The tour

The Splashtours tour of the city will take you to the most exceptional and beautiful places in Rotterdam, followed by the “splash”: a spectacular dive into the Maas River. Suddenly the bus turns into a seaworthy vessel, sailing down the river with spectacular views of the city skyline! The Splashtours Rotterdam city tour lasts about 60 minutes.


Customization is possible for a program on the bus. For example, a custom guide or catering on board. Also on the route and boarding point we offer customization. Because Splashtours cooperates with many partners in Rotterdam and the surrounding area, we also like to think along with a supplemental program that fits your needs.

The team of Splashtours loves delivering customization. We are at home in Rotterdam and have service, hospitality and high quality.

Pick-up points exclusive hire

It is possible to book a tour exclusively for your guests. The tour lasts 60 minutes and has a seating capacity of 42 passengers.
Our regular pick-up point is Parkhaven, directly opposite the Euromast tower. Other possible pick-up points for an exclusive rental are listed below:

  • Euromast,
  • Willemsplein
  • Hotel New York
  • The cruise schip SS Rotterdam
  • Maritime Museum
At exclusive rental the following is of interest;
  • The rate is for a weekday per tour €1.045,00 and for a Saturday or Sunday €1.129,00, including VAT and a guide
  • Based on your requirements a suitable guide will be present
  • The tour lasts 60 minutes
  • Maximum capacity of 42 persons
  • On board of Splashtours it’s possible to use our catering services or to buy some merchandise.

For your bus rental you can choose between a local guide or a architectural guide. Besides this option you can also choose between a English, German or French guide. We also offer Ger, who tells you everything about Rotterdam in a funny and interactive way.


A tour with Splashtours can well be combined with other activities, a lunch,dinner or a drink.

Opposite the standard pickup place of Splashtours is restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan, located in the Park. This is a cosy restaurant which is particularly suitable for groups and very child friendly. For more information about this restaurant can be found on www.zwartezwaanrotterdam.nl or you can contact us via info@splashtours.nl or 010-436 94 91

If you wish to pay by invoice and your group is smaller than 20 persons, we will charge € 25,- administration fee.