Splashtours offers a city tour in Rotterdam unlike any other. A tour in the unique amphibian bus is an unforgettable experience for young and old. Admire the highlights and Splash into the Maas!

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Splashtours & Euromast

Splashing and Euromast! Splashtour of 1 hour Visit the Euromast (Euroscope closed from 4 Oct to 31 Dec) A day in Rotterdam is not complete without a visit to the Euromast. With Splashtours you...

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Splashtours & 3 course menu

A nice dinner in restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan is the ultimate addition to your daytrip in Rotterdam. Feel free to laugh, sing and cheer, ofcourse with a splendid view over the river ‘De Maas’.

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Splashtours & drink

Enjoy a good snack and a drink in Rotterdam, you can also book at Splashtours. The drink is served at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan. You drink your drink in Rotterdam right next to the...

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Splashtours & lunch

Make your getaway in Rotterdam complete with the combination Lunch & Splashtours at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan. Here may be laughed, sang and toasted. All this of course with stunning views over the river...

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Splashtours & coffee and cake

You enjoy good coffee in Rotterdam that you can also book at Splashtours. At restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan the coffee and cake is served. You drink your coffee in Rotterdam right next to the...

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Splashtours & Lasergame

Anyone who picks up a pack at Lasergame Rotterdam goes crazy in the spectacular arena. It is you and your laser gun against the rest. Whether you're blood fanatic or that you just see...

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Splashtours & Pancake Boat

Would you like to explore the city and the city during a pancakes dinner? Take advantage of the combination ticket pancakes & Splashtours.

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From November 6 everyone aged 13 and older need to show a valid QR code.